Aromatherapy Carrier Oil - Baobab 50ml

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Common Name: Baobab oil.
Botanical Name: Adansonia digitata.
Description: Oldest, largest succulent tree in Africa.
Parts Used: Seeds of the fruit.
Process used: Cold pressed.
Active Ingredients: vitamin A,B&C, antioxidants, and fatty acids.
Properties/attributes: Emolient, Antioxidant, Cicatrizant, Insulator.
Uses: Only topical. Moisturises & Nourishes & Conditions , stretch marks, nail care.
Caution: Allergic reaction rare 
Soaring Free Organic Baobab Powder - 200g & 850g – Smart Green People
Produced by HERBS-APLENTY(PTY)LTD. Goedgegewe, Western Cape South Africa. +27 825622343
NOP: Certified organic by Ceres GmbH. EU : ZA-BIO-140.