Working With Powdered Extracts

Powdered Extracts provide an easy way for formulators to incorporate herbal ingredients into their water based products.  These Extracts are standardized, ensuring consistent quality and potency, batch after batch.  Our line of Powdered Herbal Extracts are almost all water soluble, meaning they will dissolve easily into warm water or water based ingredients.  Many are concentrated, some up to 10 times the potency of the original Extract.  You can determine each Powdered Extract's potency by the numbers in its title.  For example, Horsetal 4:1 is four times as strong as the original Extract, while Oat Straw 10:1 is ten times its original strength.  To incorporate an Powdered Extract into a formula, first determine what percentage of the original extract you'd like to add.  After you've determined the percentage, divide the amount based on the Extracts strength. 

For example, if you were making 480 grams (or 1 lb.) of lotion, and wanted to add 5% Rosehip Extract using Rosehip Powdered Extract 4:1, you would determine the amount to add by the following method:

  • Determine 5% of your total weight. (5% of 480 grams = 24 grams)
  • Divide the 5% by the strength of the Extract. This Extract is four times as strong as plain Rosehip extract, so you would divide it by 4. (24 grams / 4 = 6 grams)
  • The conclusion is that you would add 6 grams of Rosehip Extract 4:1

Powdered Extracts are great for use in toners, rinses, lotions, conditioners, or any other recipes that contain water.  Because they have a shelf life of up to two years they are great for those who formulate in small batches, and unlike herbal infusions, you can be sure of the exact potency of the herbs in your formulas. If you are looking for a convenient, and efficient way to incorporate herbal properties into your recipes, try working with Powdered Herbal Extracts.

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