Ultra Refined Cocoa Butter


While the scrumptious dark chocolate scent of Regular Cocoa Butter is a bonus in many formulations, it can be a hindrance in others. It can be difficult, or even impossible to mask. There are few butters that compare to the unique consistency and properties of Cocoa Butter. Being forced to choose a substitute can be downright depressing. Luckily, you may not have to! FromNatureWithLove.com is proud to carry a truly odorless Cocoa Butter. Our Ultra Refined Cocoa Butter is very different than the deodorized Cocoa butters that we have carried in the past. This butter is bright white, and carries no trace of chocolate scent. The greatest thing about this new butter is that the properties of regular Cocoa Butter have not suffered from the removal of its characteristic odor. It is extremely stable and emollient, just like regular Cocoa Butter. The advantage of this product is that you can add it to formulas that are planned to remain odorless, or that is scented with an aroma that does not mix well with chocolate, such as florals or designer type fragrances. You can also use Ultra Refined Cocoa Butter “as is” in the same way that you would use Regular Cocoa Butter. Only this time you won’t be left smelling like a chocolate bar!

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