The Shades and Scents of Fall 2007

As the warm breezes and sun-kissed complexions of summer give way to autumn’s cooler attitude, styles shift with the seasons. Last year, neutrals were the main focus. Tans, creams, and beiges were complimented by the careful addition of bold color. This Autumn, the tables have turned. The popular color palette for fashions and home decor will be composed almost completely of bold colors. Peacock green, goldenrod, deep cantaloupe, and rich, cherry red. Lilac and Royal Purple will also be making an appearance this year.


Popular fragrances also change with the seasons. The tropical, sugary scents of summer are often traded off for warmer, spicier aromas. This year, fruity smells are continuing their popularity into the Autumn season. Apple, pomegranate, spiced orange, and even mangosteen are being used in popular designer fragrances this fall. There will be no shortage of classic autumn aromas either. Creamy vanilla, pumpkin, and even coconut, will be the tantalizing choices for many designer products this year. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger will be found completing many of these delicious fragrances. For floral lovers, this fall seems to be favoring the richer flower scents, such as jasmine, rose, and gardenia.   

The beginning of a season holds so many wonderful surprises, from fashions to formulations, the many creations being introduced this fall are sure to turn heads and noses alike. Many skin care enthusiasts, like myself, will be breaking out our most moisturizing ingredients in preparation for the chilly days ahead. When you are creating bath and body recipes, an immense amount of focus is given to the effectiveness of a product. As important as that factor is, in any formulation, the aesthetics of a product are also imperative to its success. Often, how a product is colored, scented, and packaged, will have a huge effect on how it is received by a consumer. This is usually what will get a customer to try your product in the first place. The actual quality of the product is what brings them back for more.

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