Tamanu Oil

254705751_eb8304daac_m Tamanu Oil is made from the nuts of the Tamanu tree, native to both Africa, Madagascar, and islands in the South Pacific.  This deep green colored Oil posesses a strong, nutty aroma, sometimes compared to the aroma of Pistcahio or Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  It is a strong anti-inflammatory, and is often used to soothe rashes, sunburn, and sensitive skin.  Tamanu Oil is intensely moisturizing as well, making it a wonderful ingredient for creams, lotions, balms, and body oils.  This amazing Oil also contain germicidal properties, making it excellent for healing salves and ointments.  Tamanu Oil is quite potent, and can be included in most formulas at a minimum of 5% to add its benefits and properties.  Alternatively, some users prefer to add the Oil directly to treat very dry or irritated skin. 

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Photo by Procsilas via Flickr

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