Sweet Almond Butter

AlmondButterSweet Almond Oil is probably one of the most popular ingredients in natural skin care.  Its simple composition, light texture, and emollient properties make it an easy go-to ingredient for almost any formulation.  Those same reliable qualities are present in Sweet Almond Butter.

Sweet Almond Butter is actually a Sweet Almond Oil that has been hydrogenated to give it a smooth, buttery texture.  Since this butter retains all the natural benefits of Sweet Almond Oil; high levels of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and E, it is perfect for use in dry skin formulations such as lotions, creams, and body butters. Due to the creamy texture of Sweet Almond Butter it can also be used as is.

Sweet Almond Butter is especially useful in formulas that are intended to stay firm, but not harden completely.  Like Aloe or Avocado Butter, Sweet Almond Butter is soft enough to be scooped by hand, while being totally solid at room temperature.  Butters like these can be wonderful for use in bath melts and intensive balms.

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