Silk Powders

Silk Powders impart a soft, smooth texture into mineral makeup, creams, powders, and a wide range of other cosmetic products.  Silk Powders are available in two varieties through  Our Superfine Silk Powder is insoluble in water and generally used to create mineral makeup.  The fine particles of silk can help to balance skin’s moisture while improving the texture and appearance of the skin.  Superfine Silk Powder also makes an excellent additive in body powders and oil based body butters.   Our other variety of Silk Powder, Silk Peptide Powder has an ultra fine consistency and is water soluble.  The solubility of this powder makes it ideal for use in creams, lotions, and bath products.

Silk Powders are often included in facial primers, products that are designed to prep the face for liquid or powder foundations.  Silk helps to even out the skin’s texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and add a smooth, silky surface for the makeup to be applied to.  Silk is also used in many popular hair care products.  Silk Powders can be incorporated into shampoos, hair creams, pomades, or conditioners.  Try incorporating Silk Peptide Powder into a products water phase at between 2 and 5% to begin experimenting with this unique ingredient.  When making oil based products, mineral makeups, or body powders, try using a similar percentage of Superfine Silk Powder.


Keep in mind when formulating with Silk Powders that they are not considered vegan.  Silk Powders originate from the same source as silk fiber and material and are considered animal products.  If you, or your customers are vegan, you may want to try Arrowroot Powder as an alternative to using Silk Powders.

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