Shealoe Butter


One of my all time favorite natural skincare ingredients is Shealoe Butter, a combination of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.  The cooling feeling of Aloe and the creamy texture of Shea come together to form a very unique product.  With a consistency similar to a thick frosting or a cold cream, Shealoe Butter is simply dreamy to work with.  I actually keep a small jar in my bathroom to use  "as is".  It adds gloss, shine and a non-greasy slip to balms, lotions and other skincare products. 

Because Shealoe Butter is such a unique ingredient, it can be used to create very unique products!  I often use Shealoe Butter to add a creamy texture to formulas where a water based cream would be less than ideal.  Shealoe Butter can be mixed with other butters, wax, and oil to create extra creamy body butters and lips balms.  In the Candy Cane Sugar Scrub I used Shealoe Butter to create a creamy, suspension base for the product.  Shealoe Butter can also be added to Shower Gel, Shampoo, or Bubble Bath Bases to add thickness and creaminess.

When working with Shealoe Butter please keep in mind that since it is somewhat fragile and you must not overheat it.  To incorporate it into your formulations, heat Shealoe Butter gently to about 50 degrees C but not above 55 C as it will start to de-emulsify.

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