Secrets of the Spas

Bradey1_2Catherine Bardey’s book, Secrets of the Spas, is a fantastic resource for the home spa practitioner.  This book includes seventy five bath and body recipes, many of which incorporate fresh ingredients.  Secrets of the Spas is conveniently categorized by the types of treatments offered; body, face, hair, hands and feet.  It even includes a chapter of spa cuisine recipes, making this book a great tool for throwing home spa parties or indulging one’s self with  the total spa experience.  If you tire of treating yourself, the author provides a listing of twenty professional spas nationwide.

Throughout Secrets of the Spas, Bardey supplies a wealth of information on the ingredients in her recipes.  There is no shortage of variety of ingredients either.  Recipes feature a generous sampling of specialty oils, as well as herbs, grains, and fresh produce.  Each chapter is complimented by a series of tips, facts, and spa trivia.  This is more than a simple recipe book.  It is a crash coarse in natural skincare!  At the end of the book you will find a detailed glossary, as well as conversion tables, tool and equipment overviews, and brief sections regarding use of essential oils.  The author touches on safety, proper use, and also provides a list of popular essential oils along with their uses in the home spa.  There is a similar section for carrier oils.

I should also mention that this book is filled with gorgeous photography.  While I generally believe that the content of a book is more important than its pictures, there is something to be said for the pleasure that is added by photography to the overall experience of this book.  The images in Secrets of the Spas are nearly as inspirational as the recipes! 

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