Sea Vegetables


Kelp, Irish Moss, Bladderwrack.  Though the common names of popular Sea Vegetables may seem strange, the benefits of their use are very familiar.  Sea Vegetables are excellent nutritional sources.  They contain a rich array of nutrients including vitamins A, B, E, D, K, and C, as well as iodine, carotene, and a wide variety of nutritive minerals.  When used in skin care, the vitamins in Sea Vegetables help to nourish and vitalize your skin while the minerals work to eliminate toxins and increase circulation.  This can result in an overall improvement in skin’s texture, appearance, and condition.

Sea Vegetables can be incorporated into fresh or dried masks, facials, body masks, hair treatments, or detoxifying treatments such as Body Wraps or Thalassotherapy.  Sea Vegetables are also popular additives in natural soaps and cleansers.  Though Sea Vegetables do yield a characteristic aroma when wetted or added to soaps, this scent can easily be complimented or masked using Essential Oils.  Citrus Oils such as Yuzu, Bergamot, or Grapefruit work well with the natural aroma of Sea Vegetables.  Other fresh, energetic smelling Essential Oils like Petitgrain, Cypress, or Basil also make pleasant additions.

While there is an endless variety of Sea Vegetables available worldwide, three particular varieties come to mind for use in skin care:

Kelp:  This classic Sea Vegetable is probably one of the most popular of all ocean plants.  The broad leaf seaweed grows in dense forests, acting as a foundation for huge colonies of sea life.  Kelp acts as a camouflage, a food source, and even a habitat for hundreds of species.  That makes it very important that Kelp is harvested responsibly. is proud to offer two varieties of ethically harvested Organic Kelp Powder, an Atlantic variety and a Norwegian.

BladderwrackBladderwrack Powder is ideal for detoxification treatments such as Body Wraps or Thalassotherapy.  The nutrient rich powder helps to nourish the skin while encouraging the body to expel toxins and cellulite that may contribute to poor health and appearance.

Irish Moss:  Besides containing comparable nutritive value to other Sea Vegetables, Irish Moss Powder has an extra property that makes it very handy for skin care formulators.  Irish Moss Powder contains a high amount of carogeen, a natural gelling agent that can help add thickness to formulations.  This gelling agent behaves similarly to the thickening agents found in Marshmallow Root Powder.  Add Irish Moss Powder to hot water to draw out and activate the carogeen.

*Photo by Paul Kemp

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