Rose Petal Powder


Besides being beautiful, fragrant, and an international symbol of love, what are Roses really good for?  Actually, quite a bit! Roses have been an integral part of skin care throughout history.  Rose water  or Rose Hydrosol is probably the most famously used ingredient, but petals and oil have played important roles as well.  Rose Essential Oil is still one of the most precious substances to be found in an aroma therapist’s cabinet.

RosePowderOne reason for Rose’s incredible popularity in skin care is its ability to balance the skin.  It boasts astringent, and anti-bacterial properties but does not strip the skin of moisture.  Instead, Rose products can help to regulate sebum, skin’s natural barrier and lubricant.  Rose Petal Powder is a relatively economic way to incorporate the powers of Rose into your skin care routine.  The powdered petals contain traces of oil, and integral plant components, making it a wonderful ingredient for masks, scrubs, and daily facial cleansers.  Rose Petal Powder can be combined with other ingredients easily to create a custom treatment that will leave your skin glowing and pampered.  Try mixing Rose Petal powder with a clay that is suited to your skin type, and an herb that will compliment the treatment.

Moor Mud is another wonderful ingredient to pair with Rose Petal Powder.  The balancing effects of these two ingredients make it wonderful for use as a facial  or body mask.  A treatment like this may help to alleviate body acne, or inflamed skin conditions.  Also, try adding Organic Rose Hydrosol to this formula.  The extra punch of Rose properties will intensify the treatment, while the extra liquid will allow your recipe to go further.

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