Rose Essential Oil

The Rose is a symbol of love, beauty, and sophistication.  This famous bloom has one of the most recognizable aromas, often bringing to mind the same qualities that the flower itself represents.  In fact, the scent of Rose is so commonly familiar that it has even been used by doctors to stimulate memory function.  The immense popularity of the Rose explains part of why its derivative products are so precious.  However, there is a more practical explanation as well.


Rose Essential Oil, one of the most sought after and precious natural skin care ingredients, takes an immense amount of plant material to create.  A huge number of rose petals are needed to create even one ounce of Rose Essential Oil, thus the high price of the pure product.  Geranium Oils are often used to dilute pure Rose Essential Oil in order to lower its cost.  This method of blending can be very handy to formulators who wish to create a Rose aroma in their products without having to charge exorbitant prices for them.  However, some dishonest retailers of Essential Oil may also use this blending technique in order to trick less than savvy shoppers.  When purchasing a precious Essenial Oil, such as Rose Essential Oil, be careful to do so from a supplier with a sturdy reputation.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the Essential Oils you are purchasing.

Pure Rose Essential Oil is steam distilled from Rose Petals, and yields a very intense Rose aroma.  It is so intense, that users are sometimes overcome by its intensity when they first smell the oil.  In the bottle, Rose Essential Oil can smell surprisingly overbearing.  However, after it is properly diluted, Rose Essential Oil has a much more delicate, balanced aroma.  When you first purchase Rose Essential Oil dilute a few drops to get a realistic idea of what it would smell like in a product or perfume.  Just a few drops in a half ounce of Carrier Oil is enough to enjoy its heavenly smell.

Rose Essential Oil is most well known for its use in perfumery, but it is also an excellent ingredient for natural skin care and aromatherapy.  Rose Essential Oil can help to balance the skin, making it great for facials, creams, and serums.  It is often added to mature skin formulations to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin’s appearance.  Rose Essential Oil also has a balancing effect on mood and hormonal irregularities.  It is often used by aromatherpaists to treat depression, grief, and anxiety.  It is a great choice for soothing massage blends, and aromatherapy sachets, oil blends, and balms.

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