Rice Bran and Powder

Rice has been a staple in Asian cooking for ages. Did you also know that rice has been traditionally used by Japanese and Indian cultures in beauty treatments and skincare?


Rice Bran, a brown powder that is a byproduct of rice milling, contains beneficial antioxidants which are said to have powerful anti-aging properties. Fine Rice Bran Powder can be used in scrubs, facials, and body masks to provide gentle exfoliation along with a great many other attributes. The powder has been known to aid in balancing skin’s moisture by removing excess oils. Rice Bran Powder may also help reduce unsightly blemishes. Coarse Rice Bran Powder can be used for more rigorous exfoliation in scrubs, soaps or wash bags. It can also be used along with oatmeal, herbs, and essential oils for a soothing bath tea.

Rice Powder is made by crushing white rice into a powdered form. This bright white powder was used in some of the earliest forms of makeup. Today, with the growing popularity of mineral makeup, Rice Powder may find it’s way back to it’s earlier purpose. Rice Powder can also be used in facial and body scrubs, body wraps or masks. Although Rice Bran Powder contains more beneficial properties, the white Rice Powder is generally more aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for formulas that involve coloring, or are simply intended for a more finished look. Rice Powder is available at FromNatureWithLove.com in fine and medium particle sizes.

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