Reader Question – Separating Scrubs

I have a hard time keeping my salt and sugar scrubs from separating.  Do you have any advice on this? ~Tracey

Hi Tracey,

When you say that your scrubs are separating, do you mean that the salt
is separating from the oil?  If so, that is totally normal for a scrub
that doesn't contain an emulsifier.  If you are looking for a scrub that
will keep a uniformed texture longer, try adding a Castile Soap or a Shower Gel Base to your scrub, along with the Oil.  I have found that
this creates a fluffier, more evenly textured scrub.

Do you have any tips for Tracey on how to keep her scrubs from separating?  If so, please share them with us in the comments below.

Lynne posted the following tip on our Facebook Fan Page:

I add heavier fats – like raw shea butter and coconut so that they create
body in the oils. Just add a lipid that wants to be hard at room
temperature and you will one that is easier to ship also.

Thanks for all of the great tips, everyone!

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