Reader Question – Packaging Essential Oil Bath Salts

I wanted to know what is the best container to keep bath salts that
have essential oils added to them?  I have heard that plastic and paper
are no good because the oils will wick out/ escape from the salt.  What
is good to package bath salts with oils, besides glass jars?  ~Jill

Hi Jill,

Glass is definitely the best material to package products that contain
Essential Oils.  Since glass is not porous, it keeps the Essential Oils
from wicking out or eating away at the packaging.  Unfortunately,
packaging products in glass can be expensive and sometimes dangerous. 
For example, packaging a salt scrub in a glass jar can be dangerous if
it is dropped in the shower or tub.

I've found the next best alternative to glass packaging is high
density PET plastic.  PET Plastic Jars and bottles can effectively
contain products containing Essential Oils for some time before they
begin to break down. (If they ever break down) These crystal clear jars
and bottles also showcase colored salts and other products quite well. 
These are a great solution for bath salts, scrubs, and other products
that contain Essential Oil.

cannot, however, serve as long term storage for pure Essential Oils. 
PET can be used to temporarily store Essential Oils, but even high
density plastic will eventually be corroded by Essential Oil,
especially Citrus or Spice Oils.

Do you have another packaging option that Jill could use for her Bath Salts?  If so, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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