Reader Question – Linen Sprays

Do you have
a recipe for room/linen sprays? ~

Dear Deidre,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Room and
Linen Sprays.  There are several ways that you can make these kinds of
products. In this email I've listed my two favorite methods.

The first, and simplest way to make a spray like this is to use Floral
. Floral Waters are synthetically fragranced, water dispersible
scents. They come in a wide variety of pleasant aromas. These can be
used at full strength in a sprayer bottle or they can be cut with up to
50% distilled water. If you cut these Floral Waters with extra water
you should add .1% Liquid Germall Plus as a preservative.

can also create fragrant sprays by dispersing Fragrance Oils, Candle
Fragrance Oils
, or certain Essential Oils in water. In order to do this
you'll need to mix your Oil with an equal amount of Polysorbate 20
1/4 ounce of Fragrance Oil or Candle Fragrance Oil combined with 1/4
Ounce Polysorbate 20 is enough to scent between 4 oz. and 8 oz. of
Distilled Water. Simply add the oil and Polysorbate to the water and
shake well. These work best packaged in sprayer top bottles. As with
Floral Waters, you should add .1% Liquid Germall Plus as a

While certain Essential Oils can be used in these Sprays many,
Essential Oils can rapidly degrade plastic sprayers and bottles, even
when diluted in water. While Citrus and Spice Oils are the most
notorious plastic degraders, all Essential Oils should be used with
caution.  Create small test batches before creating a large amount and
see whether or not your sprayers hold up to your formula.

Do you have any simple recipe for linen sprays to share with Deidre?  If so, please tell us about them in the comments below.

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