Random Facts and Places

I was recently tagged by Michelle from Oats and Honey with the classic internet meme, Random Facts.  I pondered what five facts would be most interesting.  I noodled away at what places I most wanted to visit.  But then I decided that instead of being a total egomaniac, I would share some facts from other FromNatureWithLove.com employees.  After all, you hear from me all the time.  So for a change, here are some juicy tidbits from some of the other members of our team.

Five Random Facts

1. Nina, from customer care, confessed that she has a very odd phobia.  She is freaked out by ears!
2. Mary, also from customer care, told me that no matter how tired she is, or even if she is in pain, when the right kind of music plays she can’t help but move to it.
3. Wendy in marketing can recite the alphabet backwards.
4. Victoria, our bulk sales coordinator, loves to write poetry.  She has even had work published in four different books!
5. As for my random fact, every time I drive through a yellow light I kiss my pointer finger and touch the roof of the car.  I do this so often that I often catch myself at it even when someone else is driving.

Five Places We Would Like to Visit or Revisit, and Why

1. Nina would like to explore Bath and Lake Country in England in order to see the places that inspired her favorite author, Jane Austen.
2. Mary would love to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.  She says it makes her feel like she’s in a time warp.  Plus, it’s beautiful!
3. Wendy has several "dream destinations", but Austria is near the top of her list.  She spent two remarkable summers there as a child and would love to
revisit the small village that she stayed in.  Wendy explained that she missed Austria’s breathtaking
beauty and the fascinating and loving people she came to know there.
4. Victoria would love to be on her way to Italy.  Not only would she delight in seeing the beautiful architecture, and exploring the monuments and sights, it would give her a chance to visit with her extended family that lives there.
5. I often dream of visiting Dominica.  This Caribbean island is a hiker’s dream.  Mountains, waterfalls, jungle, and coral reefs are available for exploration by foot, bicycle, or flipper.  That is my kind of tropical paradise!

If you have a blog, and would like to share some random facts about yourself, consider yourself tagged!

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