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We’ve added a new feature to, but we need your help to make it really special. now features product reviews, submitted online by some of the most knowledgeable soapers, crafters, and bath & body divas we know, our customers!  Customer feedback is of immeasurable value to us, as it provides valuable insight into the desires, necessities, and opinions of our customers.

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As a business, getting to know our customers better through the collection of feedback has countless benefits, but this feature can also be a great tool for consumers.  Shopping online for skin care and soapmaking ingredients can be challenging for both beginners and seasoned artisans.  Aromatic ingredients such as Fragrance Oils can be especially difficult to pick out, due to their extremely subjective nature.  With the help of customer product reviews, you can gain a little more insight on ingredients from customers like yourself.

We’d like to encourage our readers to visit and submit product reviews on the ingredients that you have purchased from us.  If possible, try to give plenty of detail as to how you used the ingredient and how it affected the final product.  Since many of our ingredients are used in several types of formulas and recipes, those extra details will be especially helpful to our other customers, and to us.  If you don’t feel like elaborating, you can always use our star rating system to submit a more simple review.  Or, if you are feeling shy, you can always Email Me, Emmy, to let me know how you liked an ingredient.  I always enjoy hearing from our readers and customers!

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