Pennies For Peace

What is Pennies for Peace?

Quoted from the Pennies For Peace Home Page:

Pennies for Peace, a program of Central Asia Institute (CAI), educates children about the world beyond their experience and shows them that they can make a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time.

Our best hope for a peaceful and prosperous world lies in the education of all the world’s children. Through cross-cultural understanding and a solution-oriented approach, Pennies for Peace encourages children, ultimately our future leaders, to be active participants in the creation of global peace.

Kibby, the CEO of Natural Sourcing, LLC and the founder of, has started a campaign to collect Pennies for Peace.  She has set up donation buckets at home, at work, and has also enlisted the help of her husband, Jay, her children, and her family to collect pennies everywhere they can for this important cause.  We’ve taken the campaign online in the hopes that our readers and customers will spare some of their own pennies for this worthwhile cause.  The philosophy of this campaign is that every penny counts, so donate as much or as little as you like.

To help the cause, donate some pennies by clicking on the ChipIn! button above, or learn how to begin your own Pennies For Peace Campaign at PenniesForPeace.Org.

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