Pearlescant Mica

Micas Pearlescent Micas can be used to add shimmer and color to almost any kind of skin or body care product.  This powdered Colorant comes in a huge variety of colors and particle sizes, making it important to choose wisely based on your formula.  Mica can be used in Mineral Makeup, Body Powder, Soap, Creams, Lotions, Body Butters, and Lip Balms.   However, all Mica is not created equally, and it is important to choose a Mica based on its particle size and additives, not simply its appearance.  Some Mica can cause batches of Soap to seize, while others are too fine to be used around the eyes.  Check out our Mica Safety Chart to help you choose a Mica that is safe for your recipe.

Pearlescent Micas are made mostly from the natural mineral, mica.  This mineral has a natural shimmer that reflects light, creating a lovely pearlescant effect when it is crushed and powderized.  Mica Powder consists only of the natural, powdered mica, but Pearlescent Micas contain dyes, and color additives as well as the mineral powder.  Because they contain a high proportion of natural mineral, they are often considered natural in marketing terms. However, a purist may not consider Pearlescent Micas to be totally natural.  The dyes and color additives used to give them their lovely colors are often synthetic.

To find out exactly what is in each Pearlescent Mica, you can check out the ingredient’s INCI name.  Color Additives commonly used in Pearlescent Micas include D&C and FD&C Dyes, Oxides, Ultramarines, and Carmine.  Carmine is something that you should look out for if you are formulating for vegans as it is not considered to be a vegan ingredient.

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