Organic Jojoba, Clear

While the properties of Natural Golden Jojoba are fantastic, sometimes, the golden color and mild characteristic odor can work against the esthetics of the finished product. We were very excited at when we decided to carry a colorless and odorless Jojoba. What made us jump for joy was that on top of this being a very unique ingredient, it was certified Organic! That means that despite the refining that went into producing a Jojoba with no color and no odor, we can be positive that the contents are still 100% natural and organic. You can call me an ingredient geek, but the news sent butterflies into my stomach! All the properties of Jojoba in an oil that is easy to scent and color any way you please. The tocopherol or Vitamin E content of Jojoba makes it an excellent companion when formulating. It’s stability can lend a hand to the more fragile oils in soaps, lotions, or other skincare products. Anyone who formulates natural skincare products can tell you that when you are dealing with natural ingredients you can use all the stability you can get!

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