Organic Beeswax Pastilles

Beeswax is a foundation ingredient for a wide range of formulations including, lip and body balms, stick deodorants, medicinal salves, and natural creams and lotions.  Unfortunately, the selection of Organic Waxes on the market right now is limited.  Organic Vegetable Waxes are rare at best, and Organic Beeswax can be difficult to procure due to the nature of the product itself.  To create an Organic Beeswax, the bees that it is harvested from must only be allowed to feed on Certified Organic botanicals.  This is accomplished by placing the apiaries on Organic land, surrounded by several miles of either Organic or uncultivated botanicals. In addition to the setting of the colonies, beekeepers must use alternative methods for caring and cultivating their hives.  Antibiotics, and chemical pesticides cannot be used to maintain them. Organic Beekeeping is a challenging, but rewarding industry.  When the USDA Organic requirements are met, the result is a pure, natural beeswax, free of chemical and pesticide residue.

Besides helping to support an organic lifestyle by creating Organic Honey and Beeswax, Organic Beekeeping may have additional benefits.  Though the correlation between conventional beekeeping methods and Colony Collapse Disorder is unproven, many Organic Beekeepers claim that this disorder has not affected their hives.  Organic Beekeepers have found ways to tackle common hive problems such as mites and disease without the use of chemical pesticides and antibiotics.  These methods often involve allowing the bees to live in a more natural state than they do in conventional beekeeping.  Some Organic Beekeepers theorize that bees that are allowed to live closer to their natural state are less likely to fall victim to Colony Collapse Disorder.  Perhaps, like people, honeybees respond well to a low stress, healthy lifestyle. is pleased to announce the addition of a high quality, Organic Beeswax to our ever growing line of Certified Organic Products.  This Certified Organic Beeswax has been formed into easy to use pastilles and is available in a wide range of sizes.  Since this Organic Beeswax has not been overly processed, it retains a subtle aroma of natural honey, and an earthy golden color which can range from yellow to brown.  Organic Beeswax is ideal for use in skin care and aromatherapy products.  It can be used to create balms, salves, butters, and all natural candles.

Photo by Mateusz Atroszko

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