Ode to Calendula

October's birth flower is Calendula, one of the most commonly used herbal flowers used in natural skin care and medicine.  Calendula is a very useful ingredient.  It's soothing properties make it a favorite for use in everything from bar soaps to salves, serums, and lotions.  Here are some lovely photos from our Flickr Photo Pool that are making great use of Calendula.

Flowers & Herbs Cold Process
Flowers & Herbs by Hello Crafty

Fizzy Bath Bombs
Fizzy Bath Bombs by MorganStreet

Earthly Goods Complexion Bars
Earthly Goods Complexion Bars by Aroma-Herbals

Calendula Blossom Soap
Calendula Blossom Soap by Herb Friend

KISS MY TATTOO natural healing balm (4)
Kiss My Tattoo Healing Balm by MeaCulpaBodyandBath

Comfrey.Calendula.Herblovers.Castille by AquarianBath

If you have photos of your handmade bath, body, and skin care creations we would love to see them!  Share them with us at The Natural Beauty Workshop's Flickr Photo Group.

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