Nut Oils

Pecans Nut oils can be wonderful additions to soaps, lotions, or massage blends.  Pecan Oil, for instance, is very light in texture, with a high moisturizing ability.  Rich in oleic acid, Pecan Oil makes a nourishing addition to skincare formulations.

Walnut Oil is another nut oil that deserves some attention.  It is best known for its use in anti-aging formulas due to its supposed abilities to prevent and treat wrinkles.  This oil contains high amounts of vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids.  It can also be used in formulas to treat skin conditions such as eczema or chronic dry skin.

Another intriguing nut oil is Hazelnut Oil.  A great choice for acne prone skin, Hazelnut Oil has natural stringent properties.  It has a light, pleasing texture that penetrates the skin easily, making it a wonderful choice for oily or combination skin treatments.  Hazelnut Oil can be used in lotions, scrubs, soaps, facial oils, or any formulation where light, non-greasy moisture is required.

These three featured nut oils are just a sampling of how nuts are used in natural skincare.  There are a huge variety of nut oils on the market, but oils are just one example of their many uses.  Nuts are also used to create exfoliating meals, and even butters!

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