New Fragrance Oils!

I love new fragrances. When new samples arrive, my curiosity takes over and I immediately pounce on them. Some are good. Some are bad. Occasionally, a fragrance is exceptional. When this happens, the sample takes a little trip around the building, getting sniffed and evaluated by any and all willing volunteers. If its a hit, it eventually becomes part of the family. This latest batch of exceptional fragrances is one of my favorites. I am thrilled to share them with you.

Birthday Cake
We have been looking for a great Birthday Cake fragrance, and now it is here! This fragrance oil has a very genuine, memorable aroma. The rich scent of yellow cake is complimented by a generous portion of sweet butter cream frosting. Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil would be wonderful for use in kid’s products, or dessert themed lines. There is also plenty of potential for fun with the matching Candle Fragrance Oil.

FlowerBomb Type
This fragrance was not at all what I expected from the name. I imagined it would be a very powdery floral, but in fact, it was quite different. While there is plenty of floral aroma, the hints of patchouli and sugar give this fragrance a very interesting twist. I would describe the overall fragrance as slightly spicy and sweet.

Honey Ginger
At the moment, I am head over heels in love with this Fragrance Oil. The aroma of honey takes the lead on this addictive fragrance, but the burst of spicy ginger is what makes it unforgettable. This fragrance would make a decadent scrub, lotion, or soap. It would also make a delicious choice for a home scent. The Honey Ginger Candle Fragrance Oil would be a great choice for candles, potpourri, or reed diffuser base.

Orange Sherbert
Combining orange and vanilla in the perfect proportions was becoming a borderline obsession here at We have had many versions of the classic combination over the years, but I think this time we really have gotten it right. The delicious aroma of orange is complimented, but not drowned out, by the sweet addition of vanilla cream. This is a favorite fragrance for use in skincare for adults and children.

Papaya Milk
This is another new fragrance that I cannot stop thinking about. While the classic Papaya is something special, Papaya Milk Fragrance Oil really takes the scent to the next level. It is bursting with the aroma of sweet tart Papaya, and complimented by a creamy fragrance reminiscent of coconut milk. This fragrance oil is simply mouth watering.

Polo Sport For Men Type
I must admit, I am far from an expert on men’s fragrances. The many types of water inspired men’s colognes tend to blend together in my memory, leaving only a vague impression of masculinity. However, I think I would remember Polo Sport For Men Type if I was pressed. This fragrance is a classic for men. It has a clean, crisp scent that is unmistakably masculine. While the bold, energetic fragrances of citrus, oak moss and ginger give this fragrance a youthful glow, the fragrance of sandalwood and musk lend some maturity to the overall aroma. This classic fragrance would be great for men of any age.

Roasted Nuts
This fragrance is a wonderful addition to our line. It smells rich and delicious on its own, but I am especially excited about its potential for blending. Roasted Nuts Fragrance Oil has a dense base, combined with a very subtle sweetness, making it a great base note. The aroma would also be fantastic in soaps, or lotions or scrubs made with nut oils. Since oils like Macadamia Nut Oil or Kukui Nut Oil hold no scent of their own. Roasted Nuts could make a lovely addition to formulas that wish to highlight these ingredients.

I was very pleased with this take on one of my favorite aromas. The true scent of toasted sesame is loved by some, and hated by others. This fragrance oil takes the best part of Sesame and adds a syrupy sweetness that is sure to entice even the most staunch sesame naysayers. Those who already love sesame are sure to enjoy this candied version. Sesame Fragrance Oil also has a lot to offer in a fragrance blend. Its unexpected aroma is sure to peak curiosity as well as appetites!

Vanilla Chamomile
This is a combination that I am kicking myself for never thinking of earlier. This fragrance oil focuses on the sweet, herbaceous aroma of chamomile. A touch of vanilla fragrance gives it a very cozy feeling. This fragrance is so familiar, in fact, that I think Vanilla Chamomile has the potential for becoming a classic fragrance. It would make a lovely addition to almost any skincare formula, including bath products, lotions, soaps, or scrubs, and the warm aroma should please any gender or age. 

Vanilla Frappuccino
This fragrance oil is simply dreamy! I can close my eyes and imagine walking into my favorite coffee shop any time I pick up a bottle of Vanilla Frappuccino Fragrance Oil. The unmistakable aroma of creamy cappuccino is combined with a decadent vanilla fragrance, and complemented by a masterful blend of sugar and spice fragrance. While Fresh Brewed Coffee Fragrance Oil is a great choice for those who enjoy their coffee black, Vanilla Frappuccino caters to those of us who wake up with a sweet tooth!

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