New CO2 Extracts

I am pleased to announce the addition of ten new  botanical extracts to‘s line of high quality, CO2 Extracts.  These potent, oil soluble extracts have been produced using carbon dioxide.  The gas presses the extracts from the botanicals before being released, leaving behind a pure, natural extract.  These specialty Extracts can often be made from plants that are too fragile for the steam distillation used in the production of Essential Oils.  This offers formulators the chance to work with a large variety of herbal and botanical extracts.  The newest addition to our line of CO2 Extracts are listed below:

Borage Total CO2 Extract: Rich in the fatty acid, Omega 6, Borage Total can be a beneficial ingredient in anti-aging formulations as well as in psoriasis and eczema treatment.

ChamomileChamomile Flower Total CO2 Extract: Like the Essential Oil, Chamomile Flower Total CO2 Extract has strong anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for sensitive skin and redness.  Though this Extract does not have as potent an aroma as Essential Oil, it does possess a mild, but pleasant scent of Chamomile.

Chia Seed (Spanish Sage) Total CO2 Extract: Boasting a wealth of Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Chia Seed Total makes an excellent addition to mature skin, and anti-aging skin care formulations.  You may recognize the name “Chia”.  Chia seeds are most commonly known for their use in a certain household planter!

Evening Primrose CO2 Extract: High in gamma-linolenic acid, Evening Primrose makes a beneficial addition to eczema and psoriasis treatments as well as general anti-aging and mature skin formulations.

Lavender_budsGromwell Root Total CO2 Extract: The same components that lend Gromwell Root Total its deep red color give the extract anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties!   Use Gromwell Root Total to add a natural red tint to your products while boosting their antioxidant properties.

Lavender Bud Select CO2 Etxract: This potent Lavender Bud Extract contains a high amount of the active component, Linalool, making Lavender Bud CO2 Extract a great way to add not only the classic aroma, but the beneficial properties of Lavender to your products.

Peppermint Leaf Select CO2 Extract: Peppermint Leaf CO2 Extract contains a high menthol content, making it a great choice for adding the cooling, stimulating effects of Peppermint to your skin care formulations.  Peppermint

Rhatany Root CO2 Extract: Rhatany Root CO2 Extract can be added to skin care formulations to help repair damaged skin.  It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well as antioxidants.

Rosehip Seed Total CO2 Extract: With a longer shelf life, but all the natural benefits of Rosehip Carrier Oil, this potent CO2 Extract is a formulator’s dream come true.  Rosehip is thought to improve the condition of the skin by increasing elasticity while fighting the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

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