Neopolatin Ice Cream Scrub

Summer is here! I am so excited about Summer's arrival that I decided to celebrate with some ice cream.  Well, it's not really ice cream, but it sure looks and smells delicious.  This exfoliating salt scrub is made with creamy Shealoe Butter, yummy scented Fragrance Oils, and super fine Dendritic Salt.  You can make this scrub in one solid color, or layer multiple colors for super cuteness!  This recipe could be varied easily to create all kinds of delicious ice cream parlor inspired creations, like Orange Cream, Banana Split, or Mint Chocolate!  Just switch out the Fragrance and the Color Additive to create your own unique Ice Cream Scrub.


Neopolatin Ice Cream Scrub

6 ounces Shealoe Butter
1 1/2 cups Dendritic Salt
1/2 teaspoon Milk Chocolate Fragrance Oil
1/2 teaspoon Strawberry Fragrance Oil
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Non-Browning Fragrance Oil
1 .15 cc scoop of FDA Red Mica
2 .15 cc scoops of Umber Oxide

In a large mixing bowl combine the Shealoe Butter and Dendritic Salt.  Shealoe is naturally soft, so you should be able to mix this without heating the Butter.  However, if it is necessary, you can heat the Butter gently by warming the container in hot water.  (Be careful not to let the water get inside the container though.) After the Butter and Salt are fully mixed, split the mixture into three parts in three seperate mixing bowls.  Add one Fragrance Oil to each bowl, thouroughly mixing each into the mixture.  Next, add two .15 cc scoops of Umber Oxide to the Milk Chocolate scented batch of salt, and mix well to combine.  Add 1 .15 cc scoop of FDA Red Mica to the Strawberry scented batch of salt next.  Leave the Vanilla scented batch uncolored.  Once the batches are fully mixed they can be spooned into jars.

Usage and Packaging
This fine grained salt scrub makes a great body polish, but should not be used on the face or other very delicate areas.  The Neoploatin Ice Cream Scrub looks adorable packaged in 2 oz. or 4 oz. PET Jars.  Like most handmade skin care products, this Scrub should be used up quickly, as it has not been formulated for long term storage. Print Bar 2

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