Neem Oil is an ingredient often reserved for the brave.  Its pungent aroma is extremely tenacious, and can be very difficult to mask or compliment.  However, a good portion of Lavender can help to take the edge of of Neem's intensity.  When an Oil possesses such a strong aroma, it has to boast pretty impressive benefits to make using it worthwhile.  Neem Oil lives up to this qualification, and then some.  Its potent aroma is matched by equally potent soothing, healing, and restorative properties.  Neem Oil is extremely effective as an antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal ingredient.  It even repels insects.  Neem Oil is also a soothing moisturizer, and can aid in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions.  It is often used to treat acne, psoriasis and eczema.  Neem can be used in the creation of a wide variety of skin care products, including: facials, healing salves, medicinal balms, soaps, cleansers, and body oils.  It is also helpful in hair care products for scalp conditioning and the treatment of dandruff.

Currently, From Nature With Love offers two varieties of Neem Oil.  Our Cold Expeller Pressed Neem Oil is the most standard, and commonly used of the two.  Our Neem Oil CO2 Extract is another great option.  It posesses a slightly more mild aroma than Cold Pressed Neem Oil, and contains a high level of Tocopherols, making it an effective antioxidant in addition to it having Neem Oil's other standard properties.  The Neem Oil CO2 Extract is also much more potent in its properties than the Cold Pressed Oil.  Both Neem Oils are dark green in color, and possess a strong, charachteristic aroma.

Another way to incorporate the properties of Neem into skin and body care products is by using Neem Powder.  This powder is made of dried and crushed Neem Leaves.  It can be used to create herbal infusions in water or oil, or it can be used directly in scrubs, facial masks, body powders, or soaps.  Neem Powder has a much milder aroma than Neem Oil, making it a little less challenging to use.  However, Neem Powder's beneficial properties will be less potent thanthat of  Neem Oil.

Have you used Neem in any of your own creations?  If so, please share your tips on how to use Neem in the comments below.

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