Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

This beautiful, dusty colored clay originates in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Moroccan Rhassoul Clay boasts superior drawing abilities, making it ideal for oily skin formulations, body wraps, and detoxification. Like its spearmint colored counterparts, Bentonite Clay and French Green Clay, it should not be used more than once per week.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay has been treasured for centuries by beauticians, nobles, and royalty. From ancient Egypt to modern spas worldwide, Rhassoul is a traditional ingredient in natural skincare. You can pamper yourself at home using the same mineral rich, detoxifying clay. Rhassoul Clay has a superb texture that blends easily with other ingredients. This dusty beige clay can be used in a facial to gently exfoliate, reduce redness, and improve skin's texture and clarity.

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