Monoi De Tahiti

Soothing, creamy Monoi De Tahiti Oil always reminds me of warm air and exotic destinations. This tropical ingredient has become famous for its use in Polynesian spas but is also growing popular in skincare formulas world wide.   To create Monoi De Tahiti delicate Tiare flowers are macerated in pure Coconut Oil, infusing the aroma and beneficial properties of the Tiare flower into the oil.   Although the floral aroma is very faint, it adds a subtle compliment to the oil, making it wonderful for use in massage, skin care and spa treatments.  Similar to conventional Coconut Oil, Monoi De Tahiti has a thick consistency which solidifies in cold weather.  During the summer, Monoi De Tahiti usually remains liquid, making it a wonderful choice for summer scrubs and massage blends.  Fragrance, Essential Oils or Absolutes can be used to further enhance the aroma of Monoi De Tahiti or the oil can be left in its natural, subtly aromatic state.  Attars also compliment Monoi De Tahiti quite well.  Try adding a small amount of your favorite Attar to your next Monoi De Tahiti Massage blend.

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