Mini Lip Balm Pots

Our new Mini Lip Balm Pots are simply adorable.  They are itty bitty, holding only about 2ml, or 1/16th of an ounce by volume, making them ideal for samples, small gifts, or my personal favorite, creating multi-packs of fun, flavored lip balms.  I recently made up a batch of these tiny treasures for my cousin’s triplets, and they were a huge hit, even with the boys!  Here are some fun Flavor ideas for each of our three colors of Mini Lip Balm Pots:

Try using the following Flavor Oils for our Mini Lip Balm Pots in Green:


The following Flavors would be great for our Mini Lip Balm Pots in Pink:

Try filling our Mini Lip Balm Pots in Purple with a Lip Balm made with one of the following Flavors:

Also, try blending your own unique Flavors by combining two or more Flavor Oils.

Packaging Hint: Labeling each Mini Lip Balm with ingredients can be a pain. Instead, try packaging your Mini Lip Balms in small bags, or boxes that include your ingredients, and company info.

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