Menthol Crystals


Menthol Crystals are incredibly pretty.  They are one of those special ingredients that I almost feel bad about using.  It seems like a shame to muddle up the natural beauty that they possess.  However, the incredible potency of Menthol Crystals makes them undoubtedly useful in cooling formulations such as muscle and chest rubs.  These delicate little crystals are as powerful as they are beautiful, and pack a serious punch of minty freshness.  You’ll notice the potency right away when handling them in person.  Even after they are double or even triple bagged, Menthol Crystals can often be detected from a distance by someone with a sensitive nose.

Menthol Crystals will dissolve in Oil with the help of gentle heating.  They are also soluble in alcohol, making them excellent for use in perfumery and home fragrance.  Whatever application you choose to use Menthol Crystals in, make sure to respect their potency.  Menthol Crystals can be used at a rate of between 5 and 20 percent, but I highly recommend experimenting in small batches to determine the ratio that is right for your application.  Because Menthol Crystals are so strong, it can be hard to have an objective nose during formulation.  By experimenting with different ratios you can sniff the final products later, with a less sensitized sniffer.

Menthol Crystals are available at in both Conventional and USDA Certified Organic varieties.  You are likely to receive your Menthol Crystals in a plastic bag or container, but I recommend transferring them to a tightly sealed glass container as soon as possible.  This will not only help to preserve the potency of your crystals, it will help to seal in their powerful aroma.

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