Marula Oil

The Marula Tree grows widely across southern Africa, and its fruit, rich in Vitamin C, nourishes people as well as animals large and small.  Marula Oil, pressed from the kernels of Marula fruit, is highly moisturizing and nutritious.  It contains a hefty portion of antioxidants and oleic fatty acid, making it a superb skin care ingredient.  Marula Oil can help to soothe and soften the skin, as well as reduce redness.  Though it has a fairly thick texture, and can even become semi solid in very cool temperatures, Marula absorbs into the skin easily, and can help the skin to retain it's natural moisture.

Marula Oil is available in both Conventional and Organic varieties.  It can be used directly on the skin or hair, or it can be added to a number of formulations.  Marula Oil makes a wondeful addition to lotions, creams, or body butters.  It is also an excellent hair conditioner, making it a helpful additive in shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products.  Because Marula is quite stable, with an estimated shelf life of 2 years or more, it makes a great superfatting agent in soaps and shampoo bars.

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