Making Mineral Cosmetics

Cosmetic_brushes is proud to announce the newest addition to our Online Library, The Guide to Creating Your Own Mineral Cosmetics.  Mineral cosmetics have become incredibly popular over the past few years.  Though large cosmetic companies have joined this makeup revolution, they are not alone.  Countless small businesses, boutiques, and spas offer their own lines of Mineral Cosmetics, many of which have become very successful as a result!

Making your own Mineral Cosmetics can be a fun, rewarding experience.  Our new Guide to Creating Your Own Mineral Cosmetics can help you get started by teaching you the following basic information:

  • Common Ingredients
  • Necessary Equipment
  • Packaging and Application
  • Shelf Life

Our Guide to Creating Your Own Mineral Cosmetics will also show you the necessary steps to creating the following Mineral Cosmetic Recipes:

  • Powdered Foundation
  • Sheer Lip Color
  • Powdered Blush or Bronzer
  • Eye Liner

We hope that you’ll enjoy experimenting with Mineral Cosmetics.  We encourage you to show us your creations and experiments while you are learning this exciting new craft.  Let us know about your challenges and discoveries along the way.  Most importantly, have fun, and practice, practice, practice!

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