Loofah Often mistaken for some kind of exotic sea sponge, the Loofah is actually a plant from the zucchini family.  The Loofah, also sometimes called luffa or lufah, is an edible gourd that is popular is commonly consumed in many parts of the world.  Loofah is most well known in the United States for its use as a skin exfoliant.  Dried Loofah can be used as scrubby sponges during the bath or a shower.  They can also be sliced or ground and added to soaps and scrubs.

FromNatureWithLove.com carries a wide range of Loofah products, including 4, 6, 8, and 11 inch Loofah Sponges.  The longest Loofahs double as great back scratchers, making them a very handy tool in the bath and shower.  FromNatureWithLove.com also carries a selection of Loofah Bath Accessories including Loofah Discs in circular and specialty shapes,  and Loofah/Terry Pads.

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