Liquid Castile Soap

OlivesOne of the first mass produced soaps in the world, Castile is traditionally made into a bar soap, and is made entirely from Olive Oil, water, and lye.  Although most Castile soaps today still include a hefty portion of Olive Oil, many Castile recipes include other Vegetable Oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, or Sunflower Oil.  These simple, vegetable based soaps produce gentle, all natural bars of soap that are often cornerstones in handmade soapmakers’ recipe books.

Our Liquid Castile Soap is made from similar ingredients, but has been liquefied to create an all natural liquid soap base that can be used as is, or included in a wide range of natural formulations.  Unlike most liquid soaps, our Liquid Castile Soap Base contains no chemical preservatives, sulfates, or other synthetic additives, making it one of the gentlest liquid soaps available. is proud to carry three varieties of all natural, Liquid Castile Soap Base.  Each base is made from a combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Water, and Rosemary Oil Extract.

  • Our conventional Liquid Castile Soap is made from conventional ingredients, and has a thin, watery texture, and characteristic aroma of classic castile soap.
  • Organic Liquid Castile Soap Base is made with the same recipe as our conventional base.  However, the ingredients and process used to create this base are Certified USDA Organic.
  • Our Aloe Castile Shower Gel Base is a unique variation of classic Liquid Castile Soap.  Vegetable Gum/Glycerin Extract, and Jojoba have been added to the recipe to produce a thicker, more gel-like Castile Soap.  This base also carries a slightly lighter natural aroma than classic Liquid Castile Soap, making it easier to scent.  Aloe Castile Shower Gel Base makes an excellent addition to thick scrubs and other formulations where classic Castile would be too thin.

Liquid Castile Soap Bases can be scented with either natural Essential Oils or synthetic Fragrance Oils.  In our experience, Liquid Castile Soaps tend to blend more easily with Essential Oils.  While most skin safe Essential Oils can be used to scent Liquid Castile Soap, we have found Lavender, Peppermint, and Lime Essential Oils to be our favorites.  Essential Oils can also be added to Liquid Castile Soap with the soap’s purpose in mind.

As always, be sure to take care with the dilution of the Essential Oils being used in your Liquid Castile Soap creations.  An overdose of Essential Oil in your shampoo, for example, could be very unpleasant, or even dangerous.  A good starting point for these kind of formulas is a usage rate of about 2 – 4 %.  However, some Essential Oils may require extra dilution.

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