Lemon Walnut Foot Scrub

This all natural salt scrub provides intense exfoliation which is ideal for rough, callused feet.  Made with Pumice Powder, Walnut Powder, and Fine Sea Salt, the Lemon Walnut Scrub is packed with scrubbing power.  Naturally antiseptic Perilla Seed Oil, and moisturizing Walnut Oil help to condition the skin as it is exfoliated, while Lemongrass, Saro, and Corn Mint Essential Oils provide stimulation and antibacterial benefit to the mix.

Lemon Walnut Foot Scrub
Makes about 4 ounces

Walnuts1/4 cup Sea Salt, Fine
2 tablespoons Pumice Powder
1 tablepsoon Lemon Peel Powder
1 tablespoon Walnut Shell Powder, Medium
1 ounce Perilla Seed Oil
1 ounce Walnut Oil
10 drops Saro Essential Oil
5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil or Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

In a small bowl, mix the Sea Salt, Pumice Powder, Lemon Peel Powder, and Walnut Shell Powder.  Pour the Walnut Oil and Perilla Seed Oil over the mixture, and stir to combine.  Follow with Essential Oils, stir well, and spoon into jars.

This intensive scrub should only be used on tough skin, such as the bottom of your feet.  It is far too instense for more sensitive or delicate areas of the body.  Use this scrub with care, and discontinue use if it causes any discomfort. Print Bar 2

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