Lavender Lover’s Kitchen Soap

A classic ingredient in provincial cooking, Lavender makes a perfect aroma for the kitchen.  This gentle kitchen soap is made with all natural Liquid Castile and a blend of fragrant Lavender Essential Oil and antiseptic Naiouli Essential Oil.  This gentle hand soap can help to disinfect and refresh your hands after cooking or cleaning.


Lavender Lover’s Kitchen Soap
Makes about 4 ounces

4 ounces Aloe Castile Shower Gel Base
1 teaspooon Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil
1/8  teaspoon Naiouli Essential Oil

Directions & Packaging
In a small mixing bowl or cup combine Aloe Castile Shower Gel Base and Essential Oils. Stir the mixture well before pouring it into a bottle with a Pump or Disc Cap. Brushed Almunimum Bottles are a my recommended choice for this soap, but it would also look nice in a PET Plastic Bottle. Lavender Lover’s Kitchen Soap makes a great gift when accompanied by Lavender Lover’s Body Polish.


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