Kiwi Salt Scrub

Clear blue skies have been making more regular appearances lately in my small corner of the world.  Since this has started I’ve often found myself day dreaming of the sunnier days to come and all the sweetness that will come with them.  While I was working on this month’s scrub, I found that I was not the only one at with summer sweetness on my mind.  Sue from our order fulfillment department has been craving ripe summer fruit lately.  In particular, Kiwis have been on her mind.  While I was carousing the warehouse for inspiration, Sue suggested a Kiwi theme.  Brilliant!  The Kiwi Salt Scrub is made with aromatic Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil, skin loving Kiwi Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Dead Sea Salt, naturally green Parsley Powder, and a sprinkle of real Dried Kiwi Fruit Seeds.


Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil is one of those ingredients that is universally enjoyed.  It’s delicicious aroma tends to induce love at first sniff.  What keeps us coming back for more is its amazing ability to moisturize the skin without causing greasiness.  Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil can even act as an astringent, making it an ideal choice for oily and combination skin types.  Kiwi Seed Oil may be less well known, but its properties speak for themselves.  Like most Fruit Seed Oils, Kiwi Seed Oil is loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  In fact, Kiwi Seed Oil contains over 60% alpha linolenic acid, a component that helps skin and hair retain essential moisture, even in drying conditions.  These two powerhouse oils have been blended with High Oleic Sunflower Oil for its light, penetrating texture.  Together, these three oils create a moisturizing, nourishing, and non-greasy base for the Kiwi Salt Scrub.

Kiwi Salt Scrub
Makes about 4 ounces

1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt, Fine
1 Teaspoon Parsley Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Dried Kiwi Fruit Seeds
1 Tablespoon Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil
1 Tablespoon Kiwi Seed Oil
2 Tablespoons High Oleic Sunflower Oil
1/8 Teaspoon Grapefruit Seed Extract
1/8 Teaspoon Kiwi Fragrance Oil (optional)

Gently warm the Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil until fully melted.  Add 1 tablespoon of the melted oil to a small mixing bowl followed by the High Oleic Sunflower and Kiwi Seed Oils.  Next, mix in 1/8 teaspoon of Grapefruit Seed Extract.  Mix the oils together than add 1/2 cup of Fine Dead Sea Salt, 1/2 teaspoon of Kiwi Fruit Seeds, and 1 teaspoon of Parsley Powder.  Stir the mixture well, making sure to disperse the Parlsey Powder completely.  The scrub will have a nice subtle coconut aroma thanks to the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.  If you prefer a more potent aroma, add 1/8 teaspoon of Kiwi Fragrance Oil.

Usage and Packaging
I prefer to package this scrub in PET Plastic Jars.  These crystal clear jars show off the product well and are very durable.  In a sealed container, this scrub should last several months, but after it is opened it can easily become contaminated during use.  Keeping the jar away from water, and using clean utensils to scoop out the scrub will help to keep it from becoming contaminated.  You can also package the scrub in single serving containers so that they will be used up completely after they opened. Print Bar 2


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