Kaolin Clays

Kaolin Clays are some of the most versatile ingredients that you can use in natural skincare. They can be incorporated into soaps, body powders, facials, scrubs, or any number of other skincare products. Their variety of beautiful colors only add to their desirability to a formulator, or a home spa enthusiast. Kaolin Clays provide the natural skincare artist with a wonderful palette of colors and properties to draw from. The distinct colorings of these clays are quite striking when combined. Whether used for presentation, or in treatments, taking advantage of Kaolin Clays similar natures and gorgeous colorings present a unique opportunity to be creative.

White Kaolin Clay
The soft, fluffy texture and pure white appearance of White Kaolin Clay make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but ideal for mild exfoliation when used in a cleanser or scrub. This gentle clay is perfect for sensitive skin and is often used in shave creams or soaps for the silky slip that it provides. White Kaolin clay can be used as a face or body mask along with almost any wetting agent, including Hydrosols, purified water, or Aloe Vera Gel. Try adding milk, yogurt or even pureed cucumbers to your fresh masks. For sensitive skin treatments, Oatmeal and other grain products are great additions to White Kaolin Clay masks. 

Yellow Kaolin Clay
Like other Kaolin clays, Yellow Kaolin has mild absorption and a soft texture. While still being gentle, it provides slightly stronger absorption than is found in White Kaolin. It is safe for use on most skin types and therefore a very versatile skin care ingredient. It is even safe for use on sensitive skin. When used in a facial scrub, Yellow Kaolin Clay will act as a gentle cleanser and exfoliant, stimulating circulation, and leaving skin fresh and bright. The color of this clay is an earthy gold, making it an attractive additive for honey themed products.

Red Kaolin Clay 
Red Kaolin has a considerably stronger drawing power than other Kaolin Clays. While most clays in the Kaolin variety are ideal for dry, sensitive, and normal skin types, Red Kaolin is more suitable for oily skin. It can make a great addition to acne masks or detoxifying body wraps. It's bold coloring, a dusty red orange, makes it an ideal additive for coloring heavy duty soaps. Due to it's strong drawing ability, Red Kaolin Clay should not be used in a facial more than once per week.

Pink Kaolin Clay
Red and White Kaolin have been skillfully combined to their ideal balance to create Pink Kaolin Clay. This beautiful clay is ideal for normal skin types due to its unique balance of properties. The Red Kaolin Clay provides a deep absorption of toxins and excess oil from the skin while the gentle White Kaolin keeps the skin from becoming irritated or overly dried. Unlike many cosmetic clays, Pink Kaolin has a very vibrant, bold color.  It can make a lovely addition to soaps, scrubs or dusting powders.

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