Kabuki Brushes & Sifter Jars


15 ml Sifter Jar with Cap
15 ml Sifter Jar Insert
25 ml Sifter Jar with Cap
25 ml Sifter Jar Insert
35 ml Sifter Jar with Cap (Single Threaded)
35 ml Sifter Jar (Double Threaded)
35 ml Sifter Jar Insert
Capra Bristle Kabuki Brush with Nickel Handle

FromNatureWithLove.com just added a new line of jars that is perfect for packaging your handmade mineral makeup!  These crystal clear, polystyrene jars, as well as the matching sifter inserts, can be purchased individually or in discounted cases of 24 or 48.  To provide extra versatility, these jars are sold separately from the matching sifters.  The 15 ml and 25 ml jars are perfect for eye shadows or small sizes of foundation.  The larger, 35 ml jars are great for face powders, body bronzers, or foundations.  These stackable, 35 ml jars allow you to create unique combination packs.  Try stacking a bronzer, a foundation, and a finishing powder.  When purchasing our Double Threaded 35 ml jars, make sure to purchase at least one Single Threaded 35 ml Jar to provide a cap and a base for your stacked creation.

In addition to our new line of jars, we have also added a special Kabuki Brush to our expanding line of Mineral Makeup Supplies & Accessories.  Our 2.5 inch Kabuki Brush is made with soft, black capra hair and has a beautiful nickel handle.

Check out our Guide to Creating Your Own Mineral Based Cosmetics for information on how to start creating your own hanmade mineral makeup!

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