Jojoba Esters


Body butter and balm formulations can sometimes feel too heavy due to the portion of wax that is needed to keep the balm or butter stiff.  Jojoba Esters, which are made from hydrogenated Jojoba, can help solve this common formulation issue.  Jojoba Esters can be used to substitute a portion of wax in a balm, butter, or bath melt formula to reduce its heaviness.  They can also be used in creams or lotions to help thicken or stiffen the emulsions.  They are available in a variety of hardnesses.  Jojoba Esters 20 (MP44), which are the softest of the three esters carried by, look similar to a vegetable butter and are soft enough to scoop with a spoon.  Next in line are the Jojoba Esters 60 (MP56).  These esters also have a butter-like appearance, but are harder in texture than the 20 esters.  Jojoba Esters 70 (MP70) are so solid that they resemble Jojoba Wax Beads rather than butter.  This variety of esters allows formulators to add as much or as little hardness to their recipe as needed. JojobaEsters2

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