Illite Clays


Green Illite Clay  is best used for oily skin and hair, and should be avoided by those with dry or sensitive skin. Similar to Montmorillonite Clay, Green Illite does not expand in water, making it an ideal additive for soaps, scrubs, and liquid formulas. This clay should not be used more than once per week, even by those with oily skin. Be sure to moisturize well after using strong clays, such as Green Illite or Moroccan Rhassoul.


Like Green Illite Clay, Red and Yellow Illite Clays are very efficient at drawing, dirt, oils, and toxins from the skin.  Most suitably used on Oily skin types, Illite Clays make excellent cleansers, masks, and detoxification treatments.  Due to the strong drawing powers of Illite Clays they should not be used more than once per week.  Be sure to moisturize the skin after any Clay treatment as the effects of the detoxification can be quite drying.  Red and Yellow Illite Clays can also be added to soaps to increase lather, add exfoliation, and to provide natural color.  Clays are generally added to soaps at a rate of 1 tablespoon of Clay per pound of soap.

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