Holiday Projects: Lip Balms

Lip Balms make some of the best stocking stuffers ever.  They are enjoyed by almost everyone, they are small, and you can make a huge batch of them very economically.  Whether you give them out individually, or you pack them into small bundles, they are sure to be a big hit with family, friends, or co-workers.  These small gifts can be made easily from a simple formula and customized with your own choice of scents and packaging.

Lip Balm Base
Our Lip Balm Base Kit and Vegan Lip Balm Base Kit contain all of the ingredients needed to create both soft and firm Lip Balms.  Each kit contains Mango Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Jojoba.  Our Classic Lip Balm Base Kit includes Beeswax, while our Vegan Lip Balm Base Kit contains vegetable based, Candelilla Wax instead.  Both Kits make fabulous Lip Balm.  Choose whichever base suits your lifestyle, or your recipients lifestyle best.

Scent & Flavor
You can enhance your Lip Balms by adding lip-safe scents called Flavor Oils.  Unlike Fragrance Oils, Flavor Oils have been specifically designed for use in lip care applications like Lip Balms.  Never use a Fragrance Oil to scent your Lip Balm or it could irritate your skin or even make you sick.  While Flavor Oils can give your Lip Balms a strong scent, they will not actually add a taste to the Balm.  In fact, most Lip Balms contain sweeteners such as saccharin to trick the senses into experiencing a tasty sensation.  Our Flavor Oils do not contain sweeteners, so they will only add scent to your Lip Balms.  Try blending your own unique Flavors by mixing and matching our great variety of Flavor Oils.

Certain Essential Oils, such as Peppermint Essential Oil can also be used in Lip Balms.  However, it is very important that you research any Essential Oil thoroughly before using it in any formula.  Lips are an especially sensitive body part, so most Essential Oils will not be suitable for use in Lip Balms.  For instance, most Citrus Essential Oils such as Lemon or Orange are strong photo-sensitizers.  This means that the Essential Oils can actually damage your skin when they are applied and exposed to the sun.  Take great care when using Essential Oils, especially in Lip Care.  For the beginner, we would recommend sticking to Peppermint Essential Oil if you are intent on creating an all natural Lip Balm.  It should be noted though, that Peppermint Essential Oil is not safe for young children or babies.

Color Additives
Certain Micas can be used to add subtle or bold color to Lip Balm.  Refer to our Mica Safety Chart when selecting a suitable color additive for your Lip Balms.  You’ll only need to add a pinch or two of Mica per batch to add subtle color to your Lip Balms.  Experiment by adding a pinch at a time until you reach a color that you like.  Remember, adding color to your Lip Balm is totally optional.  In fact, many people prefer to leave Lip Balms un-tinted.


How to Make Lip Balm

For the best results, melt your ingredients over the stove in a double boiler.  If you don’t have a double boiler, the microwave will do.  Melt the Wax first, then add and melt the Butter.  When both are melted, add the Oils.  Stir the mixture well and remove it from the heat.  Next, add any optional colorants, followed by scent.  Using a small measuring cup with a spout, or a hot drink cup with one side pinched into a spout, carefully pour the mixture into Lip Balm Tubes or Jars.  Allow them to cool completely before trying to cap or move them. When the mixture cools it will contract, leaving a depression or sink hole in the top of the balm.  You may want to reserve a little leftover Lip Balm to reheat and top the jars or tubes off with after they have cooled.

The following four recipes have been designed for use with our Lip Balm Base Kit or our Vegan Lip Balm Base Kit.  Packaging, Flavor Oils, Essential Oils, or Colorants must be purchased separately from these Kits.  I’ve added estimated counts below to help you determine how much packaging to buy for each batch of Lip Balm.  Remember, each Lip Balm Base Kit contains enough ingredients to make two batches of Lip Balm.

Classic Lip Balm

Easy Lip Balm Pot Recipe:

This recipe makes 5 ounces, enough to fill:

Lip Balm Tube Recipe

This recipe makes 6 ounces, enough to fill:

Vegan Lip Balm

Easy Vegan Lip Balm Pot Recipe

This recipe makes 4 1/2 ounces, enough to fill:

Vegan Lip Balm Tube Recipe

This recipe makes 5 1/2 ounces, enough to fill:

Using our Lip Balm Base Kitss, you can create a massive batch of gifts at a very low price! For example:

Lip Balm Base Kit: $20.00
1/2 Ounce Strawberry Flavor Oil: $3.00
80 Lip Balm Tubes: $38.80

That’s $61.80 for 80 Lip Balms, making them cost about $0.77 each! Don’t forget to use discount code: NBWS4277 during online checkout to receive an additional 7% off qualifying items.

Check out our article, Making Handmade Lip Balms to learn more about creating your own custom made Lip Balms.  Making your own unique recipes is very rewarding, and surprisingly simple!


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