Himalayan Pink Salt

Another in our line of specialty Salts & Sugars, Himalayan Pink Salt brings a bevvy of impressive properties to the table.  Not only is it stunning, with its speckles of red, pink, orange, and white, it is loaded with minerals that can help to cleanse, and rejuvenate the skin.  Himalayan Pink Salt makes an excellent bath salt.  Its natural colors make it attractive even in its simplest form.  Display it in a clear glass or plastic jar to show off its natural beauty.  Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils can be used to enhance the salts.  My first choice would be a blend of Ginger and Mandarin Essential Oils, or a personal favorite, Persimmon Fragrance Oil!  Himalayan Pink Salt would also make a gorgeous exfoliant in a body scrub.  Scented with juicy citrus scents, or soft florals, these speckled salts are sure to impress.


Himalayan Pink Salt's value does not lie only in its loveliness.  On the contrary, its rich mineral content makes it a very beneficial ingredient.  The variety of minerals and trace elements contained in Himalayan Pink Salt numbers over eighty, some of the most notable being: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.  Like Dead Sea Salt, this wealth of minerals can help to tone, cleanse, and balance the skin and body, making Himalayan Pink Salt a boon to the spa and cosmetics industries.

Our Himilayan Pink Salt is harvested from ancient salt beds, deep under the Himalayan Mountains.  It is available in both a medium and fine grain variety.  The Medium Salt is well suited to bath salt and soak formulations while the Fine Salt has a texture more suited to use in scrubs, soaps, and bath powders.

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