Hibiscus Petal Powder

Hibiscus When I was a little girl my parents took a long overdue honeymoon to Maui.  They spent a week hiking, scuba diving, and exploring the beautiful Hawaiian island.  When they came back home, they brought back a pile of souvenirs for my sisters and I.  We each received a hula dress, a wooden necklace, and postcards.  My favorite gift of all was a life sized plastic Hibiscus flower.  It had been scented with Hawaiian White Ginger Fragrance.  To me, this was a magic flower.  It smelled like far away places, and it lived forever.  Whenever I think of Hawaii the memory of that toy Hibiscus Flower comes to mind.

Hibiscus When it comes to natural hair care, Hibiscus Flowers serve a greater purpose than simple decoration.  This exotic flower has been used for ages to condition and improve hair.  Teas and oil infusions can be made easily with dried Hibiscus Petal Powder.  Although the dried powder holds little to no aroma, the benefits of Hibiscus remain intact.  Oils, rinses, and toners made with Hibiscus Petal Powder can help to delay premature graying, encourage hair growth, and even aid in the prevention of hair loss.  Infused oils and waters can also be helpful in the treatment of dry scalp or dandruff.  Try infusing Hibiscus Petal Powder into your next hair rinse, hot oil treatment, or conditioner.

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