Hazelnut Oil

Light, absorbent, and incredibly moisturizing, Hazelnut Oil is a wonderful addition to many types of formulations.  Due to its light, penetrating texture, Hazelnut Oil can be used in its pure form as a nourishing body or massage oil.  It is also an ideal carrier for Essential Oils.  Blend Hazelnut Oil into your favorite facial formulas to provide astringent properties, essential fatty acids, and even a small amount of protection from harmful rays in sunlight.


Since Hazelnut Oil absorbs into the skin so easily, it makes a fabulous addition to balms and body butters.  Pair Hazelnut Oil with Cocoa Butter to create a deliciously moisturizing skin care treat.  Oil and water emulsions can also benefit from the use of Hazelnut Oil.  This light oil would be perfectly paired with Almond Oil to create a nourishing body milk.  Like other Nut Oils, Hazelnut Oil is extremely versatile.  The formulation possibilities are practically endless.  While the oil can have the most benefit when it is applied directly to the skin, Hazelnut Oil can be added to a laundry list of bath and body products including; bath melts, bath tub fizzies, lip balms, soaps, salt and sugar scrubs.  Recently we published one of our most popular recipes yet, The Chocolate Truffle Sugar ScrubHazelnut Oil was one of the main ingredients in the recipe, giving this scrub a soft, velvety finish.

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