Handmade Holiday Projects

The Holidays are a great time to get crafty.  If you create handmade skin care products, soaps, or bath goodies, you probably have a pretty good stash of supplies that can make all kinds of amazing holiday projects.  You would be surprised at the many uses some of the ingredients in your skin care stash may have. 

Crystal Snowflakes by Martha Stewart

These beautiful crystalline snowflakes are made using pipe cleaners and borax.  I discovered this adorable craft project while visting one of my favorite craft blogs, Wee Wonderfuls.  A photo of a snowflake she made is featured above.  You can find complete directions here, at MarthaStewart.com.

Simmering Potpourri by Meadowsweet Days

Dive into your herb stash to create a simmering pot of fragrant holiday potpourri!  This simple method encourages you to use what you have on hand to create an intensely fragrant pot of holiday cheer.  You can also create great gifts by packaging simmering potpourri ingredients with a quick set of instructions.  Check out this easy recipe at the blog, Meadowsweet Days

Beeswax Tea Lights by AromaTalk


Wendy, at the AromaTalk Blog shows you how to create simple, beeswax candles.  Tea lights are a great way to try out candle making for the first time.  Because they are so small and handy, you can give them as gifts or stash them at home with the knowledge that they will surely be put to good use. 

Last December The Essential Herbal Blog featured a huge list of holiday craft projects this year, all of which use herbs or other natural materials.  Check out the links below to see all of the inspiring projects that Tina featured on her blog:

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