Ginger Wood Massage Oil

Massage is a way for couples to spend quality time in a warm, intimate setting.  While helping to improve your partner’s wellness, you gain the added benefit of closeness which can help to build trust and affection.  This all natural Massage Oil Blend is enhanced with a unisex blend of Essential Oils that can help to improve circulation and ease tension and anxiety. It makes a great gift for a loved one, especially when paired with a Massage Tool.

Ginger Wood Massage Oil
Makes about four ounces

1 ounce Argan Oil
1 ounce Sesame Oil
2 ounces Perilla Seed Oil
30 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
20 drops Ginger Essential Oil
10 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
10 drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


Note: The Essential Oil Blend in this recipe contains spice oils which could be irritating to certain individual’s skin.  Those with sensitive skin should perform a patch test before using this Massage Oil.  If irritation occurs, wash the oil away immediately and discontinue use. Print Bar 2

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