Ginger Crush Salt Scrub


The bright orange color of this salt scrub comes from Carrot Oil.  We’ve used this boldly colored oil in a small proportion due to its potency.  The majority of the Oil in this recipe is Rice Bran Oil, a moisturizing Oil with a pleasant, light texture.  The scrub is scented with Ginger and Tangerine Essential Oils, giving it a sunny, energizing aroma to match its bright, cheerful appearance.

Ginger Crush Salt Scrub
Makes about 4 ounces

1/2 cup Sea Salt, Fine
1 ounce Rice Bran Oil
1 teaspoon Carrot Oil
10 drops Ginger Essential Oil
20 drops Tangerine Essential Oil

In a small mixing bowl, combine the Sea Salt, Carrot Oil, and Rice Bran Oil.  Stir the mixture well to ensure an even color in the scrub.  Next, add the Tangerine and Ginger Essential Oils, and mix again.  Carefully spoon the mixture into jars when finished.

Usage & Packaging

Citrus Essential Oils, such as Tangerine Essential Oil, can cause photosensitivity.  Keep this in mind when using this scrub.  The Scrub should either be followed with a body wash, or used at night to reduce sensitivity caused by the Essential Oil.

This scrub looks great packaged in PET Jars with White Lids.


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